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    * 1and1 will not change my DNS setting. Its been 37 days now [Thread split]

    I have over 100 domains through and been trying just about everyday to get them to change some of my domains DNS setting since March 22. I was told from very incompetent support that there was a bug in their administration panel. I have sent 15 to 20 emails to [email protected] and [email protected].

    I finally got this email from Matthew [email protected] on April 18th that my DNS setting had been updated. That was 8 days ago but it still not changed yet.

    I have lost customers from this and I am also being threatened with legal action from one of my customers because he believes I highjacked his domain because the domain is unusable without ability to point to his server.

    I don't see any other option besides legal action against 1and1 has cost me greatly with both my reputation and financial cost through losing of revenues through their literal highjacking of my domains and basically no compliance to remedy the situation.

    If any one of you are an attorney, pursuing a Class Action suite would be the way to go. I'm sure there are 1000s of domains highjacked with huge financial implications to the owners.

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    just what we need, someone to go and bring down 1and1, resulting in all our domains going into limbo

    just kidding of course! It doesn't surprise me if people are having problems, I went through hell at the beginning of March, trying to change dns or public/private.. I would buy a domain or a few, and then it would just take 4-8 days before they would go into the "Ready" status (the options I want would be grayed out if status was not "Ready"). However, about a month ago, everything started working wonderfully. Changes went through within 2-4 hours. Sucks if it is broken again!

    At some point I may move mine to GoDaddy or whomever has the best offer at the time. The last one I saw had GoDaddy offering $7 transfers with free privacy, and you get to keep however much time is left on your current reg (so you get that amount of time + 1 year).

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    rsdirect, are your domains in a lock status and / registered to an admin email you have access?

    If so, your best bet would to be just transfer the domains you can out of 1and1.

    Though by your post, sounds like you would of done that already if possible.

    Anyways the issues sounds like a nightmare and hopefully you will gain access to your domains soon. | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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    Were you simply looking to update the nameservers for your domain names?
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    Quote Originally Posted by klawrence View Post
    and you get to keep however much time is left on your current reg (so you get that amount of time + 1 year).
    That's how domain transfers work in general; regardless of who the gaining registrar is.
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    They have a forum on their website. Have you posted this for all their other customers to see. It might get their attention. I would also be tying up their phone lines (of course I'd feel free to be a little obnoxious at this point). "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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