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    eNSCloud Website Down

    One of Brandon's friends got a message to me, and asked me to relay it. eNetSouth's Alabama servers that handle their website, email, and support are currently down due to a multi-state power outage caused by the recent storms in the area. The generators kicked in, but were overrun.

    Brandon hopes to have it back online soon, but in the meantime, their website, email, and support are unavailable.

    No customers are down due to this, though.

    I hope Brandon will be alright.

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    I just noticed the eNSCloud website ( is back up, and there's a notice posted in the support control panel:

    04/28/2011 - 22:51:10
    *Urgent Notice* -- The state of Alabama where eNetSouth business offices are located were devistated by the severe weather outbreak over the past 36 hours. The northern half of the state is expected to be without power for the next 5 to 7 days. This has affected our business operatioins because of lack of power/connectivity. We have in the process of relocating our business operations to Birmingham, AL in order to be able to perform normal business operations. We are still limited; however our management and office systems are coming back online through the night tonight and tomorrow AM. We expect to be 100% operational in that aspect no later than 5:00PM CDT on the 29th.

    If you contact support via a ticket or email there will be a delay from the backlog we have. We are working now to try and resolve anything outstanding.
    If you are in the USA we can also be reached 24/7/365 at 256-558-4612.

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