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    Is there a Google Voice Ap that allows my computer to notify me at all times?

    Hello, as you may know with Google Voice, if you are not logged in and on the Google Voice webpage, your computer will not play the notification sound to let you know that you have an incoming phone call. I assume there is a small app that always notifies me when I have an incoming call as long as my computer is turned on? I know Google Voice has an option to send Google number calls to my cellphone, but I do not have a lot of minutes.

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    Yes I have option that but there is a delay with that since by the time the person calls me on my home or cell phone I get an email a minute later stating I missed a call. If it can notify me when I am on the Voice webpage there should be an app that can always monitor it and run in the background.

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    are you talking about this application you can have a look on this

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    No, that is for cell phones. I need a desktop application that notifies me of incoming calls.

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