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    Webmail Solutions: Zimbra?

    Hey, I am looking to provide better than the standard webmail that cpanel has for my customers. I don't have a lot of money right now to throw down on a licensed top notch software but the Zimbra Open source email program would be awesome to have.

    My plan is to have it installed(I do not know how to install anything on a server) on a VPS server separate from my Cpanel/WHM and WHMCS shared reseller sever. I want my customers to be able to use Zimbra who have accounts with me on the shared server. I would want to limit their mail box quota and # of mail boxes. But most importantly I need them to be able to use the "[email protected]" format. Understandable right?


    Firstly, can this be done the way I have explained it?

    How much work is it to manage a mail server, My host told me they would not be able to manage it because of the 3rd party install on it.

    Is it worth it? or are there other better easier options out there?

    Thanks ahead for your input and help guys. Any alternative solutions would be greatly appreciated and welcome. Even though I am pretty uneducated in server technologies I am considering moving away from a reseller account all together and just using a VPS or Dedicated server for the same purposes, but for now I need an email client solution.

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    There is two different licenses on Zimbra's open source edition. The code is released under the ZPL( which is very similar to any open source licenses. The binaries are released under the Zimbra Public EULA( I recommend reading them.

    Zimbra is an excellent product but it is not just a web mail solution it is an entire collaboration suite. The reason I mention this is that it is very resource intensive system written mainly in java. I would recommend AT LEAST 2gb of ram and a dedicated processor core. Zimbra uses its own internal LDAP system to manage users. The open source edition does not have any of the multi-tenancy parts built in so you would have to write a front end api so customers could add and delete users or you would have to do it manually.

    There is a class of service feature to restrict domains to different requirements.

    Zimbra is great and so is the opensource version, but it does involve more work. I currently use Zimbra and am planning on using it for a similar purpose that you are.

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    Yea, I'm figuring out that this might be way to much work to put in to make it work at the moment. I really like the idea of offering it however. If you know of any alternative solutions I would like to know. Thanks.

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