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    help finding new dedi provider

    i've been with theplanet/softlayer for around 5 years i have 12 servers with them.

    over the years it's always been the same through all the mergers and renames, they have never ever been able to deal with ddos efficiently.

    yes ddos is a pain in the ass and hard to deal with for everyone, but how come godaddy (primarily a domain registrar) is capable of dealing with ddos with it's tippingpoint guard better than a company that is primarily a datacenter?

    makes no sense...

    anyway, im completely out of the loop of whats good these days, can anyone suggest a replacement for theplanet/softlayer?

    i'm looking for cheap unmanaged servers.


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    well i pay theplanet around $2000 a month but i got real good deals over the years and a reseller discount.

    i need a company that is big enough to have a broad selection of servers because i use a variety windows/linux some just for sql others for pics and vids etc.

    location would be U.S.

    thanks for your response!

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    Sorry to say but 'cheap' and 'ddos protection' don't go together.
    I'm sure you have many servers but that doesn't mean you should get such protection for free - Online in no time
    Dedicated Servers in [EU] Netherlands with DAILY support, also on weekends
    DDOS Protected network - 100% Money Back if it doesn't work for you
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    godaddys servers are pretty cheap.

    tippingpoint is network level protection FREE with any server. don't even have to buy a firewall.

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    Give the Dedicated Offers a look?
    Richard Perez | PureWeb
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    Well, it rather depends on the nature of DDoS attacks. Budget solutions will suffice for HTTP/HTTPs/443/TCP attacks, whereas specific web projects (internet radio, online TV, etc.) require additional dedicated server with port protection feature that'll filter malicious traffic and pass good traffic to the particular client's server.

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