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    Anyone using softlayer?

    I am planning to use softlayer..

    Anyone using them for there windows

    Also i am a bit confused about Windows Server 2008 web edition and standard edition? Which one to go for really

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    Since you've already chosen them, why not contact them for the information you need? Part of the money you'll be giving them goes to the sales and support people's paychecks
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    Hehhe true.. i am asking some people..

    I need to chose someone today..

    I am even looking at by the way ...

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    Web Edition has most the basic Windows Features you will need (but still works perfectly for a lot of users), where as Standard has everything any normal windows desktop user has.

    FYI: I would choose SoftLayer over FastServ any day
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    RapidSpeeds, thanks for update.. I am looking at FireHost also.. anyone know of them??
    They have managed cloud server.. i think that is good..
    what you all think??

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    Well it definitely sounds like you need a managed server to me, which softlayer doesn't provide. I can't comment on the other providers you've mentioned.
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    im having horrible time with softlayer at the moment unable to keep my services online with the smallest of attacks.

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    vvss.. what kind of attacks you were having ??

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    i get attacks of all kinds, the slow loris ones i don't complain about, i know not much can be done about modern attacks like that.

    but softlayer servers can be dropped with botnets that have 10 infected computers. it's really quite pathetic.

    and the TMS they use to block attacks, sometimes causes more damage than good when the fresh out of high school server tech uses the incorrect settings.

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    I was thinking also to go with softlayer.. now thinking someone else...
    how much you paying right now.. its dedicated or cloud ?

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    they have their good points and bad like everyone else.

    it kind of depends what industry you're in.

    im sure a large percentage of people have no reason to need protection from attacks, unfortunately what im involved in has a lot of retards so it's important for me.

    if it wasn't for the epic failure of blocking ddos, i would be happy with them.

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    I am currently in plan to go with firehost.....

    Kind of very helpful... explained lots of things.. and i think thats important..

    How long you using softlayer?

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    softlayer has this anti-virus & spyware protection stuff.. so that thing came in no use to block all that kind of attacks you were having??

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    been with them like 5 years i think.

    yeah they got a lot of addons that they will throw at you, but none of it matters they are network flood attacks.

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    If you a are getting brought down by 10 computer botnets, I would suspect it is your server configuration itself and not Softlayer that is the problem.
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    Since i am not that much techii guy... it would be better to go with managed? what u guys think?

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    My servers and others, depends on the connections of the bots too i suppose, but 10 dsl bots still shouldn't be able to take down servers from a multi million dollar company.

    i seen WHT taken down with 20 japanese bots, so no.. it's softlayer.

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    check out firehost.. i think they seem very secured hosting company..

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    I wouldn't recommend Softlayer, they are quite expensive and their support sucks. You open tickets with advanced requests and they simply don't get it. It's fair enough to say that they have an amazing structure and very good servers, but as I said their support is not that great.

    If you are looking for managed ones I would recommend LiquidWeb and for unmanaged iWeb, both really good providers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RapidSpeeds View Post
    Web Edition has most the basic Windows Features you will need (but still works perfectly for a lot of users), where as Standard has everything any normal windows desktop user has.

    FYI: I would choose SoftLayer over FastServ any day
    That's true yet far from true at the same time.

    Server 2008 Web barely supports anything, really. It supports what's necessary to run websites, the end.

    If you need to do anything past run some websites, such as run Active Directory (Required for Microsoft Exchange Server, for instance), then you'll need Server Standard.

    There are a LOT of differences.

    Please refer to the below page for more info --
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