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    Godaddy hosting help


    I want help to host a site in godaddy.

    Can anybody guide me how to use filezilla to work with godaddy hosting servers?
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    what problem are you having?

    have you tried using the IP address / username / password ?
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    I have tried with username,pass and also with ftp/Ip .

    But in filezilla after password verification I get message as:

    Error: Critical error
    Error: Could not connect to server
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    Godaddy use a secure server and due to this its time out period is very less. So, you should contact with their technical support person regarding this, as filezilla is showing Critical error.
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    Do you have problems with your internet speed?

    Are you using passive or active ftp? - Linux|Windows
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    Not being funny, but why not contact godaddy's excellent support service. afterall you pay them to do your hosting, and they should also provide support for that hosted account.
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    I agree with Abtme you should contact Godaddy's support service, They will guide you very nicely, You dont need to get so worried
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    Quote Originally Posted by abtme View Post
    why not contact godaddy
    This is the best way to get help with your host, as it's their job to help you with account issues.
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