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    My experience looking for a cloud provider

    Due to a series of projects I'm working, I have been watching the operation with multiple vendors, support and quality of service offered by each of them, which I take for my opinions indicaros dureante try after some time the cloud that they offered me.


    For: She offered me a good service, machines updated, have good reputation.
    Cons: proprietary control panel, although hourly billing, accounts by the end of the year goes by a peak
    My experience with the test: if you are a VPS, but the software is castrated, does not let you do what you please, the machine is quick, but I do not compensate the price with the service but this is good.


    For: Since Cirt changed positions, seems to work better.
    Against: The call is not there, the people you serve is not placed on the subject, and whenever they do a question a little unusual, then leave you on hold and after 10 minutes you answer.
    My experience with the test: I left a VPS for a day to perform all the tests I wanted, as caracterisitca 1.6 processor, 1024MB RAM and 50GB of disk, the machine does not go, but if I diío enough problems in the network because seperdian 5 or 6 packs in 30 approx. I think they are a bit green on the topic, and it was clear that using a similar caractrisiticas others, the machine was very Flounder.


    Pros: everything is amazing how it works, they have good prices and the machine that you get is tremendous.
    Against: I think the only point that I can put it down to this supplier is not complying with the Data Protection Act.
    My experience with the tests: The day I had to try thanks to a good friend was brutal, to give you the same you think the machine or virtual machines as you like characteristics dividing contracted, we provide a pile after pile of imagesnes to perform installation of our systems. I find using the system OnApp for cloud, and the truth is a joy. sorry for not complying with the Data Protection Act.


    Pros: Has very good prices
    Against: A service lousy, the person who serves, seems more a person to screen calls than anything else.
    My experience with the tests: I really think it's better not to speak, only I've tried for half a day, the machine gave me some problems, and almost the end, a person who served me told me that is that the Cloud VPS system was in evidence and clear, it is normal to have bugs.


    Pros: I can only say that it is the same as, yes, yes, I at first I believed it but it is so well used as OnApp, in fact when they give you access to configure your machine OnApp there is pure and simple, is great and also in Spain. The best part is that being in Spain, so that they comply with the Data Protection Act
    Against: The truth, say that I have not found any hits, what surprised me most is that you can golde a VPS from 1 € per day.
    My experience with the tests, say that was a pleasant surprise to me that over the previous suppliers, offering a unique fueel Internet pipe 1GB and not 100MB as I have given in previous suppliers, which surprised me and I really liked. They have very good prices, and above all, I was stunned to be a provider with prices similar to VPS.NET and Spain. My advice is to give him a look, my truth is that I was not disappointed.

    I have also tried many other suppliers as gravitynet or Hostalia, which are already starting, did not fulfill my espactativas to not be a cloud as they offered me, besides the price was considerably more expensive.

    With that finally I can say that I hired a Cloud VPS Sologigabit where by 295 € a year I have:

    Dedicated Xeon 1.8 GHz CPU
    Dedicated Core 3
    Virtual Machine up to 3
    Dedicated 750 MB RAM
    30 GB SAN Storage Dedicated
    750 GB Bandwidth
    Full-duplex 1Gbps
    3 IP Addresses
    AutoBackups / Templates 4

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    great reviews - thanks
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    cloud computing vs virtual servers, there is lot of difference. I am not sure how cloud VPS operate and possible, may be burstable RAM to maximum RAM on the server and after that it is not cloud....
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