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    CLOUD VPS: 4.5 YEAR Anniversary! 45% OFF! Hourly Upgrades! 1GB Memory from $4.39

    VirtuallyDedicated 4.5 Year Anniversary Special

    Our new cloud edition
    VirtuallyDedicated has been offering virtual servers since 2006 and clustered vps services since 2008. Our new cloud is better than ever and offers some amazing new features allowing you to instantly add or remove resource upgrades and only pay hourly for what you use.

    Our cloud offers the following features:
    • High availability failover and data mirroring to keep your server online in the event of hardware failures
    • Load balancing to keep your server running at peak performance.
    • Instant upgrades available at an hourly rate
    • Automatic backups to keep your data safe from accidental deletion or data corruption.

    Go Green
    Our cloud offers you many power saving features. Our cloud runs at 100% efficiency as compared to the traditional cluster which only offered 50% efficiency. Our servers run using both efficient hard drives and power supplies to reduce power usage. When using our cloud servers over dedicated you can reduce your bill, your energy usage, and receive equivalent speeds.

    Coupon Specials (Use on our order form)
    45ANNV : 45% off for your first month
    15LIFE : 15% off for the life of your cloud server, base package only
    CREDITS : Receive 50 free upgrade credits for every dollar you spend (first month and base package only. Equivalent to $0.50 for every $1.00)

    Base packages
    You must order a base package which includes base resources, one dedicated IP address, control panel access, root access, and your choice of linux operating system (centos, debian, ubuntu, fedora, and more) then you may upgrade it as you wish and only pay hourly for the upgrades.

    Private Cloud Server (2-CPU)
    1024mb Maximum Memory
    40gb Hard Drive
    1000gb Bandwidth
    as low as $6.99 per month (paid annually)

    Hybrid Cloud Server (4-CPU)
    2536mb Maximum Memory
    120gb Hard Drive
    2000gb Bandwidth
    as low as $19.99 per month (paid annually)

    Daily/Hourly Upgrades Available
    512mb Maximum Memory: 14 credits per day (equivalent to about $0.14 per day or 0.58 cents per hour)
    20gb Disk Space: 8 credits per day (equivalent to about $0.08 per day or 0.33 cents per hour)
    Combo- 1gb Memory + 30gb Disk: 30 credits per day (equivalent to about $0.30 per day or 1.25 cents per hour)

    To order, visit our web site at
    For questions, please email us at sales -at-

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    Can you share with us the spec of the VPS nodes? Thank you.

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    Really depends. We have a variety of nodes in our cloud.

    Most are quad-cores with 8-12GB of RAM (12GB on the newer more powerful CPUs). Either way we have it geared to giving about the same performance server to server.

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