I am looking to setup a data backup service open to the public and private business clients. I am kinda new in this area so any advice or input would be greatly appreciated! First to note that I am in the Houston, Texas area.

Questions 1: I will be running a backblaze server with 45 2TB hard drives. These drives will be backed up and raided. With the server being 90TB, what kind of Ethernet connection do you guys recommend? Is 1GBPS over kill? not enough? Should I start with 100mbps and then increase it once my usage goes up?

Question 2: How much does the average 1GBPS, 10GBPS Ethernet connection cost? I saw Verizons Gigaman and other packages but had no idea how much that would be cost me.

Question 3: Is there anyway for me to host my own private Ethernet line? Is that even possible? or do I have to go through a carrier such as Verizon, ATT or comcast?

If you guys have any documentation on data backup center best practices, server best practices please let me know. =)

Thank you, much appreciated.