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    Looking for Reseller based out of Northeast US

    My current VPS reseller account is out of a datacenter near Salt Lake City. Where most of my clients are local to MA, or the eastern seaboard, I've decided to find a new reseller account, preferably in the Northeast. Ping time is important!

    At minimum I need VPS, but would prefer to get into a cloud setup. It should include WHMCS or something similar. WHM with CPanel (or similar), Fantastico or Softaculus (full version). I looked at a reseller program that utilized VMware which looked pretty nice, but they didn't offer much disc space or bandwidth and only offered the free version of softaculus (50 scripts instead of 170).

    White label support would be nice too.

    My budget is in the range of $50 per month, but are willing to go higher depending on the services offered.

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    Welcome to the forum

    What kind of sites do your largest clients run?

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    Quote Originally Posted by intelliServe View Post
    Welcome to the forum

    What kind of sites do your largest clients run?
    Currently not large at all. Average total bandwidth for 14 accounts currently at 4GB per month. But where I want to offer hosting to the public, the disc space and bandwidth will become more important.

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