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    I am with around 3-4 months and i am very happy with the service so far.

    I have a dedicated machine and it works great, no performance or downtime issues, and the support replies have been fast.

    So lets hope i ll continue to be happy, and so all the others who have chosen them

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    I have never used their services since I was treated really badly during pre sales and "almost" purchase...years ago. I can't forget was insulting.
    In any case it's good to see happy customers around and I hope for them that they treat now better non US customers. Times have changed so I think they have now learned.

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    Angry Not your ordinary hosting company

    I agree, pre-sales acted a bit out of the ordinary, requiring copies of driver's license and cc, which I never send by mail to anyone. And eventually, they backed off from this requirement.

    After ordering a server, it takes about a week before you get your dedicated server. Not unusual, but still.

    If you are not happy with what you get, or if doesn't meet your expectations, you are stuck with paying for it for at least three months. No refunds if you are not satisfied.

    After issuing my first trouble ticket, I got a nonsense answer back and ticket was closed. I filed a new one (wasn't obvious how I continued using the previous one) and I got a rude answer back that I shouldn't open new tickets... Yes, probably my bad, but that is no excuse for not acting like a professional customer support.

    And still no answer to the original problem, of course. Had to spend some hours and find a solution myself. So much for managed servers.

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