1U + 10Mbps over Gig-E - $99.00/mo, FREE setup

Click Here for Colocation in San Diego, CA

Click Here for Colocation in Ashburn, VA

Extra power: +$25.00/mo per outlet or additional Amp
Extra Gig-E switchport: +$25.00/mo per switchport
Bandwidth options: Check order form for details

*** Servers deeper than 14" MUST include 4-post rails or there will be a $75.00 one-time rail/shelf install fee.
*** Servers deeper than 32" may be subject to additional fees. Please contact us for more details.

Free: setup/install (*see above for limitations)
Free: instant power cycle via customer portal
Free: KVM/IP (on demand)
Free: private VLAN and /29 IP block

Please contact us for multi-server discount pricing.


West Datacenter: 8913 Complex Drive, San Diego CA 92123
East Datacenter: 21635 Red Rum Ave, Ashburn VA 20147

Network: AS29889

* Consisting of the following carriers (depending on location):
Global Crossing

Network topology:
Cisco 6509-Sup720 3BXL borders
Brocade distribution

West Test IP:
Test Download:

East Test IP:
Test Download:

- *First 20 minutes remote hands free on each ticket including free reboots, disk swaps, ect 24/7
- Redundant Internal Power Grids, multiple UPSs, multiple generators and power feeds
- 100% Full Raised Floor Platform
- Redundant & Fully Meshed Network Infrastructure, with VRRP (dual gateways per VLAN)
- Dual WIFI networks (External FiOS and Internal network) throughout the Facility.
- Conference Facilities available for Customer Use
- Break Room complete with flat screen TV, couch and Xbox 360.
- Online Resource Management Portal complete with PDU and Bandwidth management
- Helpful technicians with any tools you need are always on-site 24/7.


About FastServ

Since 2003, FastServ is a premium Managed Hosting provider specializing in dedicated servers, colocation and streaming media. We manage our own ARIN IP Space (AS29889) and do not resell IP space or servers from any other provider or upstream.

With two strategic datacenter locations, FastServ can keep your content close to its destination:

FastServ EAST (ASH): Ashburn VA / W.D.C.
FastServ WEST (SAN): San Diego CA

Multiple techs are on-site 24/7 in both location.

Looking for custom configurations? FastServ can meet any need, please contact me with your requirements or to schedule a DC tour.