True Cloud Hosting from a trusted name! $69 off your first month to try our most popular cloud server (Cloud 4)..

Our most popular package:

1 CPU core with 2+ GHZ XEON processor.
1024 MB of Reserved Memory
25 GB of RAID 10, High speed SAS drives with 6gbit/s interface for ultimate performance.
250 GB premium bandwidth

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1st Month Cost is $1
ORDER NOW - Pre-built packages starts from $20/mo

Or contact us to build your own

Scale up to 8 Core XEON CPU
32 GB of RAM
Bandwidth and SAN space as needed.

Why BuyHTTP Cloud Hosting?

• Fully Scalable - only pay for what you need
• High availability - truly redundant cloud infrastructure with automatic failover.
• Enterprise DELL SAN- High speed (6gbit/s) SAS drives in RAID-10 setup
• XEN Technology – Based on the popular onApp cloud platform.
• Dedicated Resources – All assigned resources are dedicated to your cloud server.
• OS choice - choose from several Linux distros.
• Templates – to choose from for most popular software.
• Automated backups - Set it and forget it, daily, weekly and monthly backup.
• 1 minute deployment – No more waiting for a server to be setup. You can deploy your own cloud environment in under a minute!
• OS Reloads – reinstall your cloud server anytime from several pre-made templates.
• Instant reboots – reboot your server anytime 24/7
• Console Access – change your network configuration or reset your root password with ease.
• Recovery Mode – Fix mounted drives and perform maintenance from your browser.

How does it work?

With a traditional dedicated server or VPS you have several single points of failure like hard drives or power supplies. If one fails your site is down until the part can be replaced. With our cloud hosting you no longer have those worries as your server is distributed among several premium Dell servers and if there is a hardware failure on any of them the system recognizes it instantly and moves you seamlessly. Since we employ a true cloud setup, your data is stored in a centrally located Dell iSCSI SAN, so a failure of a single server doesn't affect your site at all. Worrying about hardware failure is truly a thing of the past!


  • Centos 5 x64 FREE
  • Centos 5 x64 Optimized_Hardened FREE
  • Centos 5 x64 cPanel $11
  • Centos 5 x64 Plesk 100 $11
  • Centos 5 x86 FREE
  • Debian 5 x64 FREE
  • Debian 5 (Lenny) x64 Magento FREE
  • Debian 5 (Lenny) x64 FREE
  • Gentoo 10 x64 FREE
  • Ubuntu 10 x64 FREE
  • ClearOS 5 Antispam x86 FREE**
  • ClearOS 5 OpenVPN x86 FREE**
  • ClearOS 5 x86 FREE**
  • CloudLinux Server 5 x64 cPanel $25
  • CloudLinux Server 5 x64 $14
  • Elastix 2 x64 FREE
  • Nagios FREE
  • Zenoss FREE
  • VOIPNOW Express FREE
  • SugarCRM Community Edition FREE

Add-on Software & Services

• cPanel / WHM $11
• Plesk 100 Domain $11
• Virtualmin / Webmin FREE
• LiteSpeed WS 1-CPU Up to 2GB RAM $13
• Server Management $30 + $50 setup
• Server Monitoring only $5
• Proactive Outage Response $10
• Softaculous auto installer $5
• Off-site FTP/Rsync Backup $5 per 10GB

Cloud Resellers Opportunity, Add cloud hosting to your portfolio without upfront investment.

We did all the hard work for you, your customers will enjoy a fully automated cloud hosting from your own site, we remain completely in the background and manage the server hardware and software, allowing you to build your business. Reselling Buyhttp cloud servers increase your revenue and improve your customer retention rate. Contact us for more information.

Cloud Management Available

If you like managing your own server, great! Sign up and you get full root access to do anything you need to do. If you don’t have the time or experience to manage your server we’ve got your back. We offer full management with your server, as long as you add cPanel or Plesk along with server management to your order. The choice is yours!

Contact us

If you’re unsure of which cloud to order, or if cloud hosting is the right solution for you, we’re here to help >> sales [at] buyhttp [dot] com