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    Question Lighttpd vs. Cherokee vs. Nginx

    I want to move from apache to a lighter webserver as I do not need the advanced system of apache, but I cannot choose between three famous alternatives. I've read several articles comparing them but no definite conclusion. I found comments of fellas here more practical. Please share your ideas and experiences.

    In my personal experience, cherokee-worker eats 140 MB of RAM in a freshly installed server (no hosted website). Moreoever, there is not much information and toubleshooting about cherokee on the internet.

    I installed Lighttpd through Kloxo. It uses memory for each domain added. Thus, in action the memory needed is much than that of apache.

    What's you idea for the best option for hosting (1) static webpages and (2) wordpress.

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    I would use nginx + php5-fpm + php-apc

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    Well in general wordpress need rewrite rules. It comes with .htaccess rules for apache . So if you just use lighttpd or nginx you need to manually convert the rules. If you don't like to convert it manually then go for an Nginx+ Apache
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    The correct answer is whichever one you want to learn and/or feel most comfortable with.

    All perform equally well enough that they will not be the bottleneck of your stack.
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