FusionNET is becoming a leader in Internet Hosting Solutions, FusionNET has been bringing Professional, Affordable and Quality hosting solutions to users all around the globe.

Here at FusionNET, we can provide everything larger companies do and more at a lower cost and more dedication to you as a client. We back all of our products & services with FusionSupport- 24/7 Ticket Helpdesk. We are there when you need us at any time that's good for you!

All of our services we provide include Basic Management thats backed by our FusionSupport policy, that promises you 24/7/365 ticket support.

There's always a Customer Service representative waiting to assist you. We have trained experts working around the clock to keep our promises of 100% network uptime, Managed Support, Blazing Fast Servers, & More..

Pre-Sales Questions:


A little about us, and our company..

We are not your average provider. We are here to stay, and we are not worried about the money we can make. That's why our main mission was to provide a excellent service at the best prices in the market, We offer Premium Shared-Hosting, Managed BaseVPS's, and Managed cPanel VPS's, and we even offer Dedicated Servers. Soo if your new to the service, don't worry we got you covered for every step you will need. Growing to big? We will help you get setup on something bigger, need to switch to a VPS for more control? We will move you over to your own Virtual Server for free and configure it for you to make sure it's ready to rock 'n roll for you when needed. We care about our clients and the service we provide to them thats why our plan's come with Basic Management included with them for free, and we back everything up with 24/7/365 REAL True Managed Support for anything you will need..

100% Network Uptime!
If our network goes down, you get your money back.

We have to admit - we're a bit confused. When you pay an ISP to provide you with internet, you expect them to do just that. But when downtime arises, many providers have a bag full of excuses, and wouldn't dream of refunding you for your downtime. We're different. With every hosting account we sell, we guarantee 100% network uptime. If we fall through, you get your money back.

Our Datacenter
Our servers are located in the worlds loved Softlayer Datacenter. Softlayer is known for their one of a kind network, which hasn't had a second of downtime since we started with them early 2010. All of our servers are located in Dallas, Texas in the Softlayer DC, That is our main facility and we ensure nothing but unthrottled performance, fast loading times, premium bandwidth, and a excellent service! What's not to love? If you don't feel you are getting what we promise we will give you your money back!

Our servers can be configured to handle high traffic loads.

A large portion of our clientele own and operate online publications - whether that be a blog, news site, or another type of content producer. With that comes the possibility of high traffic loads, which many times, come unexpectedly. That's why we provide high server load configurations upon request.

With the proper settings and configuration, our high end servers can handle the Digg effect and comparable traffic loads. Please submit a request during signup or through a support ticket to have your server configured properly.

Our Customer Care.
-- We've been told our Customer Support is amazing, it's so friendly, we care, and don't need to pass you between tech to tech, department to department. Our techs are well-trained and always ready to assist you at any time you need with anything you require.

We base our entire company philosophy on one thing - making you happy.

Customer support
is the centerfold of our entire company. Throughout your time using our service, our goal is to provide you with customer support that is like nothing you have ever experienced.



Are you one of the following...

Non Profit Origination (Forum / School / Community / Gamer / etc)
Charity Website
Church - Religion
Student - College
Law Enforcement (Fireman, Police, etc)
Or if you feel that you fit into the above this goes for you to.

FusionNET has reached there goal this week and is offering this limited time offer to the above a full on sponsorship.. We are looking for clients / people that fit into the above requirements that need hosting but are having troubles.

Well; For a limited time offer we will Sponsor your website/community for FREE. You just have to fit into our requirements and the only requirement we ask you to do is provide a URL to our company stating that your sponsored or hosted by us.

We will provide you a full on website shared web hosting plan, and once your site grows and such we will work with you and get you transfered over to a VPS if your site is growing and expands over a shared web hosting account. This does not mean we will host game servers, and or stuff like that. We are simply wanting to give back to the community and world that has helped us with everything; so we are looking to sponsor new up coming web sites with hosting, and the above listed we will sponsor and work with you to whatever you need. We will even include Fully Managed Support (24/7/365 - Ticket Support) so if you need something done and need help our techs will help you.

How does this work?

All you have to do is provide us the information that shows that you fit into one of the required area's and once that is done we will set you up a account with your information provided to us for you to have your website.


If you grow out of a Shared web hosting account, we will transfer you over to a Managed VPS; depending on the requirements needed. This is only for websites; We are not going to be providing hosting for game servers and that type of hosting. This is only to offer to the community that helped us and the people, men, women, around the world.

Are you interested?

E-mail us at [email protected] with all information; and please provide in the subject: "Reference: WHT-SPONSOR001" so they can pull the note/reference code to assist you correctly.

Are you a Student? Building a website? Cannot afford it? need help? No problem contact us and we will be glad to help you!

Note: Subject to approval.. We do not have to accept you if we do not feel you meet the requirements!