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    Thumbs up [ongoing review] EZPZ Hosting.

    [disclaimer] : A year and a half or so ago, I did briefly (less than a month) have a remote chat new sales spot with EZPZ. I don't think I ever actually made a sale (their other reps were on it.)I am no longer affiliated with them in any other way other than being a customer.

    Just wanted to be forthright with that.. By no means am I throwing them a "softball". If you've seen other reviews I've done in the past, you know I call 'em like I see 'em [/end disclaimer]

    Now then..

    I've been tossing around the idea for a niche hosting provider for a while now and have a comfortable amount of money to start up slow and properly so I figured I would give EZPZ another try. I had an account with them for a couple of months in late 2009/early 2010 and was very pleased so I expected nothing less this time around.

    I purchased the Professional Reseller plan on one of their US servers @ Softlayer in Dallas a month ago yesterday and I'm happy to say things are actually going better than my previous stint.

    At firsst, I must say, I was worried about the machine I was on. Although it has reported 100% uptime since January (per EZPZ's status page), the load and memory usage was a lot higher than I am used to/comfortable with. Even though the server has 16 CPUs and 12GB of RAM, I'd rather see a 2.0 with 20-30% memory usage than a 8 or 9 with 70%. The server has, however, always maintained a respectable ping response. EZPZ states 64ms, I just tested it here in Ohio and got 51ms.

    As luck would have it, a week or so into my first month, EZPZ installed CloudLinux on their servers and since then, loads are now almost always around 2 (currently: Load Averages: 2.13 1.80 1.70). Memory usage seems to have leveled out significantly as well.

    As far as features go, you really can't ask for much more. Their end-user support is virtually a mirror of their reseller client support (I touch on this below) and integrates seamlessly into WHMCS. My plan really does provide basically everything I need to resell out of the box including a few nice things other hosts don't provide such as fraud protection and some very nice css/xhtml templates. Really, the only other reseller I've come across who comes close is Innohosting (also recommended) but I really think EZPZ has surpassed them in terms of offering 'the total package'.

    In addition to all of the turnkey features, EZPZ is the first reseller I've come across that offers CloudFlare to their clients. I'm anticipating it being a powerful sales tool as I have been playing around with the free flavor and it does work quite well. They also offer SpamExperts for spam filtering, another feature I haven't seen at many other hosts.

    Support is efficient, friendly and helpful as I remember from previously. It does seem like if you submit a ticket late in the evening or during 'peak' weekend hours, it can take a little bit (never more than a half hour or so) to get a response. Luckily, the tech's response usually is either notifying you they resolved the issue for you or providing instructions on how to resolve it yourself. It's a huge time saver. I'm sure we've all submitted support tickets that end up taking hours to resolve due to a large amount of back-and-forth with support. Tech support responses also usually include details on what was causing the issue and, if it's preventable on the user's end, how to handle that as well. It's rare to get a response with something simply like "I fixed that for you.". It's helpful as a user and I'd assume it probably saves them time too in the long run.

    I'm looking forward to getting everything set up as far as my hosting venture goes and I have confidence that EZPZ will allow me to offer an excellent product to my niche clients.

    I will continue to update this thread at the regular intervals (3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc).

    Note: Domain has been submitted to mods for verification.


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    Nice sharing. Please update us next a few months.

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    +1 - EZPZ is a great partner for us and we enjoy working with them a lot!
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    Doesn't surprise me, they seem to take care of their clients very well!

    Thanks for the review.
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    Their forum is absolutely abysmal.
    Been waiting to get access to reseller section, bumped post and contacted forum admin.

    Still not got access, frustrating to say the least

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    Quote Originally Posted by justjohn View Post
    Their forum is absolutely abysmal.
    Been waiting to get access to reseller section, bumped post and contacted forum admin.

    Still not got access, frustrating to say the least
    Now have access to the reseller section. I put a ticket in and spoke to Dan earlier.

    It's my first time using a reseller account, so it's all new compared to shared hosting and a steep learning curve. I researched EZPZ hosting on this forum and realised their a busy company. I have a lot of questions and I prefer using forums to find an answer, saves hogging the ticket system hence my frustration.

    Thanks Dan

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