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    Lock browser for web application

    Hi, I have a web application and want to implement it on some computers (special terminals) in an airport. These terminals are running Windows 7 and should ONLY be used for this web application.

    Is there any way I can "lock" the browser so that the user can't change the url in the address bar and use this computer to browse other pages. I also need to "lock" the browser so that the user can't minimize the window and use the computer for any other purpose.

    Is there a simple way to do this?



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    One easy way would be to use security policies on the machine/username to achieve this.

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    You can use Group Policies but it sounds like this should be a desktop application instead of a web application, which would give you more control over how the application behaves and who/how it can be closed/minimized, etc.

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    There are some browser plugs that can help, below is one that I used before in a local shop.
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    There is a mode to IE called kiosk. This may be a start mixed with some group policy adjustments -
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