I have a social media venture that I am looking to sell. The application is called Vinehub: www.vinehub.com. This is a service that allows users to unify all of their social media accounts across all popular networks. Vinehub uses "Unified Streams" to combine all data such as updates, messages, contacts, and profiles from Facebook, Buzz, and Twitter. We had fantastic reception as soon as we launched our public beta. We had many users register to take part in testing our application. We also gained interest from the press, which was quite favorable. We even have partners like Google want to get involved, and was invited us to take part in some partnerships with them.

We are working now to wrap up a huge amount of code and launch our 1.0 version- a full featured and polished client.

I was offered a management role in silicon valley, which I intend on taking. I want to see Vinehub continue to succeed. I am looking for a buyer who would like to take the project and expand it. The staff is freelance based, so you will be able to continue using them to manage any future additions or changes. I need to make the sale soon to begin my new role. I am asking for $10,000 to $15,000 (depending on interest levels from buyers). Please get in touch directly if you are interested.

[email protected]