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    TMD Hosting

    Hello, I'm new to the site but wondering if anyone has used TMD Hosting. I Cancelled all three of my accounts with them 3 weeks ago and still have no credit back. TMD represents that they have X many scripts etc. but if you pay attention, numerous are not real such as CoolPage which is a user side Website program. TMD also goes so far as to claim they have CoolPage Hosting? Yeh right!
    I contacted TMD this morning to talk to billing about my long overdue credit and was told I could not talk to them in person, it has to be by their website support ticket process. Worse yet, I could hardly understand the guy that answered the phone plus he sounded like I woke him up from a long sleep...Jeeez, what kind of company are they?

    I have had nothing but poor service from them right from the start...My recommendation about them is to stay as far away from them as possible. Just my experience and opinion about TMD Hosting!

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    I don't know anything about that hosting company, however, bbb does and according to their site they were not able to verify the business information.

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    I don't think you will get your money back, look at this interesting phrase from their TOS:
    - The money paid by the Customer for the Linux shared hosting account(s) will be refunded excluding the setup and processing fee of $19.95 per account. In case of a refund the setup and processing fee is always withheld, even if this fee was waived at the time of purchase.
    So you say you had 3 accounts, are you sure ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by killigan View Post
    I don't know anything about that hosting company, however, bbb does and according to their site they were not able to verify the business information.
    And there were also 8 complaints against TMD Hosting closed with BBB in the last 12 months. You could also file a complaint with BBB, maybe your are successful.

    Tom Tomson

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    Thanks all for replies. Update, I advised them that they are fraudulently advertising numerous of their scripts that they handle and they say they install. When I requested a script, they came back and said that "Oops, we can't do that one even though we advertise it as being available. I replied they should remove it immediately as it is false advertising, they said they would".

    The very next day, I checked again and they not only did not remove it, they now made a claim that they also have that script Hosting available..Which is impossible as that script has no connection as a Host server.

    I asked for Buddypress to be installed (For those that do not know - TMD advertises that they will install any script on their site)...What I got from their high-tech people was a Wordpress Network installation, which has nothing to do with a Buddypress install. BP is now combined with WP and does not need separate installs.

    Also I sure as heck did not want a WP Network program messing up what should have been a no brainer install. So I argued and they sent back answers telling me to install BP over the WP Network-Huh??

    I finally got so frustrated I cancelled all three of my acoounts with TMD and ionstalled BP in about 2 minutes on another of my sites (not on TMD). Anyways, They now said they would refund my accounts except for $13.99 for domain names ($13.99 each???) except I had one account that exceeded 30 day moneyback by just a few days, so TMD said nope, no refund, even though I hadn't even loaded a thing on that site yet.

    Then they suspended that account so that I couldn't even use the domain, even though they kept the money!! We are still in battle over their fraudulent advertsing and obviously poor customer service or concern to do anything right!

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