I'm considering selling my PC Heroes domain names. 12 in total including the mis-spelling. These were purchased for a project but a 2nd project I was working on at the time took off quicker than expected so this one was shelved.

The following extensions are available:

  • pcheroes.ie
  • pcheroes.tv
  • pcheroes.info
  • pcheroes.org
  • pcheroes.mobi
  • pcheroes.net
  • pcheroes.eu
  • pcheroes.co.uk


  • pcheros.co.uk
  • pcheros.eu
  • pcheros.net
  • pcheros.com

The .ie domain may not be able to be transfered as you must hold an Irish registered business name or company to hold a .ie address. I'm unsure here as I have never sold/transfered ownership of a .ie address before.

I'm not willing to split up the names, any offers made must be for all extensions. A professional logo and 2 websites were built for this project which I may include if the buyer wants them but I'm offering no support for the sites as what I'm offering for sale are the domains.

Interested parties please send me a PM with your offer

Thanks for looking !