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    1 domain on 2 servers?

    My first server is a VPS where I host my websites, however I just purchased a second dedicated server, but used the same domain on it. The dedicated server is going to be used to as a proxy network, which is unrelated to my first VPS.

    However, can I set up a proxy server with the same domain? Right now I have ns1 and ns2 directed to my VPS, while ns3 and ns4 directed to my dedicated server. I have a feeling this isn't right, should I just get a new domain?

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    If you go to purchase new domain then it would be better idea. However some webmasters are using 2 server for their one domain name.

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    check out round-robin dns options. You could also use a subdomain for each server.

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    Its called DNS Round Robin or Load Balancing, it is effective and works pretty well. There are some caveats about TTLs, but people have been using the methods for a couple of decades.

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    I think if you use a subdomain for each server will be good enough
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    No point using round robin DNS if the VPS and dedicated servers are unrelated.............

    If other people are going to be using the proxy then it would be easier to get a whole new domain name

    There is no reason why both VPS/Server can't use the same nameservers.
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