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    Check multiple email account in a easy way

    Not sure if this is the best forum for this question.

    What do you do to manage multiple email accounts?
    What do you think is the easier way to keep track of new emails when you have multiple accounts?
    I'd like a web solution over a desktop software.
    I know gmail can do that, but it has a 5 account limit.

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    Good question
    Make them all forward to a single address and monitor that mailbox instead

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    I personally prefer using a desktop based email client to check all of the accounts. Use IMAP instead of POP3, though. That way you can still get to your messages using webmail when you don't have your desktop/laptop system available.
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    I manage several accounts and I don't want all of them funneling into one (though some do since it doesn't matter) but some I need to reply from the original email address. To do this I use a free mail client. You can then see all of your accounts and reply using it's email and signature.

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