500 Full Rack colo special Full 42U Rack in Tier 3 environment

Pick one of the following packs with Network and Power to complement your rack:
Pack 1: 4kW/10Mbps
  • 4kW of power (220V/18A)
  • 5 IP addresses
  • 100Mbps Network Port
  • 10Mbps (95%) bandwidth
  • Add 300 per month

Pack 2: 10kW/10Mbps
  • 10kW of power (220V/45A)
  • 5 IP addresses
  • 100Mbps Network Port
  • 10Mbps (95%) bandwidth
  • Add 700 per month
and yes, that is 1200 for a 10kW rack !!!!!!

Space from 1U up available. Other power and network combinations also available (higher and lower!) from 1 Amp up to 30kW per rack and multiple Gigabit connections ask for your custom quote.

Half Racks also available:
  • Half Rack with 2kW and 10Mbps for 500 per month all-in.
  • Half Rack with 5kW and 10Mbps for 700 per month all-in.

Why colo with Thor?
  • Modern Tier 3 Data Centre built using latest technology for super-efficient PUE of 1.16.
  • Pure, clean, green power from 100% renewable sources hydro and geo-thermal with zero carbon emissions
  • Power available up to 30kW per rack
  • Resilient network delivers your traffic to world-class peering centres in US, Canada, UK and Denmark
  • Only 34ms round trip to London, 74ms to New York
  • ISO 27001 certified for security
  • 24/7 expert support available
  • EEA location offering EU Data Protection compliance
  • Iceland leads the world in privacy laws just Google Iceland Modern Media Initiative

No reseller, go direct to the Data Centre and get the best service and the best deal.

Contact details:
[email protected]
+44 117 328 1483