View Poll Results: How long did you spend choosing your current host?

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  • Decided immediately/already knew where I wanted to go

    3 13.64%
  • An hour or two

    0 0%
  • Up to a day

    1 4.55%
  • A few days

    7 31.82%
  • A week or more

    11 50.00%
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    How long did it take you to choose your current host?

    I'm curious how long people usually spend deciding which provider to go with. How long did you spend comparing prices, reviews, etc. before deciding on your current host?
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    I already knew where I was going, as I used them in the past.
    But if I am looking for a new host, I have never used a few days before I decide.

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    A week or more

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    Just few days, it's not a big task to take long time.

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    I have been hosting sites since 1994 so it feels easy to "weed out" the junk but once you find a good one you may not know until you need to contact support or specific issues arise (root access, SLA, etc).

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    Just a few days
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    I researched it quite a lot, but I had a long time to decide as I didn't need it immediately, so took my time contacting a few hosts etc, but as I didn't work very concentrated it took a long time, could probably have done it in a few days but took a few weeks.

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    a couple of days actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dasklney View Post
    A week or more
    Is this an offer for hosting service? If it is, it is incredibly cheap. Is this reliable? Nay other costs/

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    The day I canceled I did so in the early afternoon, by that night I had real hand written replies by one host to my query so I asked him a few more questions and by the end of the day I had signed up.
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    I reviewed my web host for couple of days. I asked several questions about the web hosting issue and then i bought a web hosting plans from them.

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