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    Talking Mature Student - really enjoying this site!

    Hi folks, thought I'd do the decent thing and say "Hi" & a huge "Thanks" to every one who posts here.

    I live in Ireland, and as the economy here has nose dived, I decided to go back to third level education, as a mature student (41). I'm just finishing my first year in a BSc. (Hons) in Applied Computing. It's a great course and I'm really enjoying it, especially Java!

    I'm here because I'm curious about web servers, how to set them up, how they work, basically..... everything about them! The summer break is coming, and I've decided to set up a Computer Society in the college next year, with our own server for web site development, email, forum etc. So I've about 18 - 20 weeks to figure out, buy, install & set-up a (cheap!) system.

    I've only recently found this site, and look forward to reading (and learning) some of the great posts. I've already picked up a few tips, but if I ask the odd crazy question, please don't bite!

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    Hello kugor, welcome. Enjoy your visits.

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    Welcome to WHT!

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    Good question
    Welcome to WHT, kugor! Enjoy your stay

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