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    Thumbs down Santrex Sharedhosting NL down for 3 days

    Hello all.
    Santrex sharedhosting NL has been down for 3 days now .
    Today i got this email from them :

    Dear ********,
    We've been targetted by major heavy DDoS attacks on our shared hosting for the past couple of days, and we're doing out utmost best to resolve them.
    We do apologize sincerely for the downtime and slowness caused by this, we can only do our best in such matters and try to block the attacks.
    We should get this resolved asap.
    Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


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    And so millions of torrents cried out in terror and then they where suddenly silenced .

    3 days is quite a long time to mitigate any DDoS attack but Santrex is a rare bird and few providers have their guts and offers .

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