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    Question cPanel Game server help please!

    Hello Friends!
    I would like to know if i could run game server (1-10 games) on the same dedicated server which cpanel is installed?

    We have a dedicated server with 1TB storage and Unmetered traffic! so can we install game in the same server and also link it to cPanel game server addon? We are newbie to Game server and lots of clients likes to have game server!

    Your Reply with detailed steps is what i expect

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    Please provide more information on your dedicated box, how much ram and what kind of processor does it have? Additionally, what type of games do you plan on hosting?

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    Yes, you are able to do it ! Just like what I'm doing.
    If you have enaugh RAM you can easily do that.

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    • AMD Athlon™ II X4, Quad-Core 64 Bit, 4x 2.3 GHz
    • 8 GB DDR3-RAM
    • 2x 1,000 GB SATA II-HDD
    • CentOS x86_64
    • Unlimited traffic

    Could you please give me step by step tutorial? Thanks, I was away for a while

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    You have a pretty decent server, what type of games do you plan on hosting? Various types of games consume different ammounts of server resources.

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    Could you please tell me which all games are used frequently?
    Please tell me the tutorial also

    I have 1 VPS from Germany and 1 Dedicated server as mentioned above. I want both of the server to use game server plugin and also games are hosted at my dedi server!

    Is this possible?

    Thanks for all your support

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