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    switch and firewall for ipv6 ?


    do you plan to replace with new switch and firewall for ipv6 ?

    or do you have any suggestion ?


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    Some hardware can be upgraded with new firmware to support IPv6 and some cannot, I'd get with your hardware vendor or research the equipment you have to see what will need to be changed.
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    had anyone begin to use ipv6? do you meet any issue?or it work well ? thanx

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    You should make the effort to buy only IPv6-capable hardware. and you just need the right router or firewall on your network to make it all work with IPv6 as well as IPv4.

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    Be careful with ipv6 firmware updates. Some platforms will only support it in cpu so ipv6 packets would get punted to the cpu which would kill your switch. So make sure ipv6 forwarding is hardware based if you upgrade your existing switches.

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    Both Juniper firewalls and Cisco switches / routers support v6.
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    we use ScreenOS for ipv6. Works just as well as for ipv4 except that we don't use NAT for ipv6.

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