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    Levin Trading

    Please have a look at the Levin Trading and share your thinking of how it looks and in what way it should be changed to be better! Thanks a lot for your help!

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    Autoplaying videos are so not cool. From what I gather many people instantly click back or X when sounds begins out of nowhere. If you want it to play at least start it with the volume off. Also the quality of the video is horrid. I don't thinking many people are going to want to watch a video that looks like it was filmed on a camera phone from from 2005.

    Also, the graphic of the safe is over optimized and it looks worse than the video. For 172.60KB you really should be able to get much better quality image and still reduce the file size.

    The 'Learn More' link should be a graphic. The link structure is a bit awkward and uneven from page to page.

    Also, where are your social marketing icons, don't you want people to share your site?

    There are lot of little details that need fixed, but really if this site is trying to promote jet planes, million dollar homes, half nude chicks with beer at least make the site look like a million dollars. Bring it into web 2.0... add those round glossy graphics and shinny buttons.

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