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    Question Reseller Plan

    Hi I want to know what you people think about this to starting a hosting business because Its good for my budget but if anybody knows something better please tell me. Every help is apreciated.

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    Don't go with a master reseller if you're just starting out. Or pretty much ever.

    Just saying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quantumphysics View Post
    Don't go with a master reseller if you're just starting out. Or pretty much ever.

    Just saying.
    Agreed. I myself am generally against those "master resellers", "alpha resellers", etc due the problems and issues I see all the time that arises, especially because they are using a custom plugin and not an actual system within WHM.
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    I was about to purchase one. But are you saying they are not good buy?

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    You should consider a proper reseller hosting provider which is providing genuine services and support as you are starting host , you will need to be very careful with the quality of your services and the support. So choose the right thing.
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    Hosting is good business to start, if you have a low budget too.

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