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    Post Add custom cPanel groups/icons

    I've googled like crazy but can't seem to find a cPanel plugin, addon, or service/developer that can help me add custom icons to my customer's cPanel. I have a slightly modified x3 theme applied to all my accounts and basically would like to have a new group called "Special Offers" and then have icons to providers like Constant Contact or Mozy via affiliate links. If there are other posts in this forum about this very topic, I apologize for the redundancy and please direct me to the post(s). Thanks in advance for any insight you guys can give me.

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    I would like to know this too!


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    I did some more digging and it does look like there is a way to do a custom icon, but seems like so much work. I can't post links yet but google for "forums cpanel question about adding a icon"

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