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    Data Centre CoLo in Santa Fe Springs, CA


    I'm looking for a CoLo in Santa Fe Springs, CA or some place close by. I'm looking for a place that we can have our own cage where we can put our own racks/servers.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Telx at 600 W 7th in Los Angeles has one heck of a good promo going right now

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    Thanks, I'll check it out.

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    As long as you don't plan to expand, because anything after their new customer pricing goes sky high.
    Also watch up for their cross-connect fees (you have to pay for both ends of it... receiving and sending)

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    The great Beaverton :)
    You have a lot of options at 600 w 7th.
    I agree with Cgotzmann. If you plan on getting a cage based on a promo.
    It may not be there if expansion plans our in your future.

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    We've expanded twice at TelX 600 W. 7th and received better pricing each time.

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    I don't know of anyone in santa fe springs, as that is equidistant to the major LA and OC colocation providers.

    Nearest I can think of is Streaming Media Hosting (which is also where aicolo is hosted out of). They are in Anaheim and are supposed to have lower rates, due to anaheim having their own electric provider.

    Others in OC that come to mind are Latisys, Savvis, ATT, Level3 and a firm called Grupo SMS.

    Hope this helps.

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    We've expanded twice at TelX 600 W. 7th and received better pricing each time.
    Are you connecting to other carriers using WilCon, or Telx metro-connect to 1 Wilshire?
    Any other feedback on TelX 600 W. 7th?

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