thank you brother but where do i put these the orkut application xml

do i put the orkut application xml codes here so you can edit that into it

for example this is the orkut approved application xml you take the codes from it.

if you search for mj you will find application on michael jackson on orkut by name of --->mj

<Content type="url" href="">

this above coding i was using to show my html page in orkut apps but orkut has now fixed this bug
<Content type="url" href="" <<<<<< wont work anymore

mean to say if we add application on profile it show like
Type=url gadgets cannot be sanitized.

but if i view application after adding same app into my profile i am able to see the inserted link this one:-
>>> <<<
only if i click on view application but from front on profile it shows type url gadget not sanitised.

see this application i dont know whose app is this ??? but he used something javascript in the xml for redrct

SO i just want to redirect in my app to another link so edit aur give me any solution for this ..the application which i showd you just above this has manual redirection script if we click on it then it redirect i want teh xml script to redirect without click just when ever some one visit it or any profle in which app is already added it should redirect.

I hope i am able to undertand my point clearly thank you...
i know i have been giving lots of trouble to you again and again..but you are a master now i know this and a student can ask for questions and solutions hehehehe
thanks alot sir