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    Setup Server Problem

    Hi Everyone...Good Day,

    I'm a total newbie in the Linux operating system.

    I want to setup a server, I googled through the web to find what linux distro can be good in terms of servers. And finally I choose CentOS...

    Recently I install CentOS 5.6 distro, after I freshly install CentOS 5.6 I can't connect to the internet. So I check the network connections, I created new connection a wireless connection since I have a Realtek 8185L wifi card. Then I goto networks... and have it activated, but it shows some error, "error for wireless request "set encode" (8B2A) determining IP address for wlan0... failed.

    before I fully install the OS, I tried a live CD of CentOS 5.6 and it has no errors or problems, can connect to the internet. same computer I used and same wifi card...

    what should I do with this problem..??? please HELP ME!!!

    Thank You in advance...


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    Are you using any encryption on the wireless? Examples, WEP or WPA-PSK?

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    It sounds like you're simply not configuring the network adapter on the server properly. Once you're in the server run the command "setup" and you can mess with the networking configuration from there. If your router supports it (I'd venture to say it does) just enable DHCP on the networking adapter and it should start working. You may need to issue "service network restart".
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    have you tried this method?running "system-config-network" from the terminal as root

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