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    Question Webalizer and AWstats

    I have many high traffic domains (but simple static pages) in my account. I track my track via external tracking scripts. I am curious to know if Webalizer and AWstats use much resources (CPU and memory) or they are harmless and I can keep them as provide useful information?

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    Generally webalizer and AWstats will consumed certain memory and occupied some of your disc space. huge memory usage sometimes come from the user make query about the stats. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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    How much is the certain memory?
    You mean when admin is running the script to see the statistics? It is OK. My concern is about writing huge access log files (which are used by Webalizer and AWstats.

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    Do you mean that you disabled the web server log files ? I would never do that as the log file is a very valuable tool when things go wrong. It helps also to make better decisions before things go wrong.

    As, in my opinion, you should create log files anyway, AWStats will not impact your disk space. When starting with AWStats, there is no obligation to automate the process. So, you can start working with AWStats for one domain first, parsing the log file when you think it is appropriate, check that this does not impact performance elsewhere, and get familiar with its capabilites and with the way it works. I would not expect trouble except if you have unusually high loads on your servers. By the way, in such a case, you can even run AWStats on a separate machine and that would solve any overload issue.

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    AWStats is a dog. It takes 100 times more CPU than webalizer when you run it on your log file, and uses a lot of memory. I believe you can consider it a threat: it will start when you sleep, and may leave your server down. Webalizer is written in C, with performances in mind, and it works really well, even on huge logs.

    The only issue is that AWStats outputs better statistics than webalizer.

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