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    Managed server recommendation

    Hi, i'm looking for some help selecting a managed server provider and server configuration (including a suggested RAID setup).
    We're seeing about 100K visits a month and are looking at 150-200K visits/month in the next year, transferring about 70GB a month right now. Our site is built on a PHP/MySQL CMS (not WordPress ).

    We're currently on a aging Dell server wtih RAID 5, a quad core 3.2ghz xeon and 4gb of ram, and the server is overloaded big time (6-12 second page loads).

    Our current managed hosting provider has given us a quote for a new server that costs more than double our current server and way out of our budget. My main concern is excellent and comprehensive support, as I don't have the time to manage a web server. My budget is $600-1000 (I'm paying $700 right now).

    I would love to hear your suggestions.

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    Hello. I certainly think you have a very reasonable budget for your request and should be able to find a quality hosting provider for the setup you are seeking as well as recommendations on how to best proceed with your new configuration.

    Have a look at the find a host section of this board as well. Good luck with your search!

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    Your problem does not lay in your hardware configuration (that should be able to manage one single site flawlessly with 100k visits a month)

    The solution to gain speed in pageloads is found in software tweaking and making the right choices about software (configurations)

    Is your single site running on an DirectAdmin or cPanel account? If so, your server is NOT optimised what so ever to use all available resources for your website.

    Also: split the Database and the website on seperate servers if you haven't done so already.

    Another thing that can cause slow load times is wrongly coded scripts. Perhaps your script has alot of slow mysql query's.

    The most simple, profitable and workgenerating anwser for a hosting company would be "upgrade to newer hardware".

    Have you looked into the other reasons why your site loads slow, or do you just blindy listen to the company you're paying big money to?
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    For a reasonably priced managed servers, try

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    If you don't mind me asking, who are you with right now?

    By the way I do agree with Pr0jects. 100K page views is nothing at all. That would equate out to about 3K+ views per day which is totally not much. Since you're on a managed server, did your host even try tweaking MySQL for you?

    Who wrote the codes for you? Did you get someone to write it or is it a software which is publicly available? Perhaps you might want to get another software programmer to re-check the algorithm. Make sure it is optimized.
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    I can name Magento as an example. Out of the box the package needs about 10-12 seconds to load.

    With software tweaks (Caching, Apache, PHP, Mysql) and additional software (like Nginx) we reduced this to only a fraction of a second.
    That package has over 12000 files!

    The last thing I would do is upgrade at the same company because of their incompetence in this issue.

    I think it's better to wait for a reply from the TS before we go further with the speculations.
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    I suggest requesting a few quotes with some providers and compare.
    Then also check out reviews from the same companies to get an idea what kind of reputation they have.

    As a reference, give them the quote you received for your current provider, then you have an idea how much it costs with other companies.
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    Thanks for all of the input. I'd like to have a seperate server for MySQL or even a separate caching server, but I can't see doing that with our current hosting provider (too much $).

    MySQL has been tweaked like crazy and is perfectly tuned for our CMS (I didn't do it, but I reviewed it). I'm not so sure about the rest of the server though. Maybe before we spend money upgrading the hardware, we'll spend some time tuning the server. Of course, our web development company who I'll have tweak the server also wants to sell us their cloud hosting solution...

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