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    Exclamation WHMCS for 2 Brands


    I have opened a support ticket with WHMCS but no reply and I have been waiting a while...

    I am just wondering if you can run 2 hosting brands under one WHMCS with their own theme?

    They are both for the same company just different identities, I don't mind having to installs of WHMCS, but I want to combine the reports and servers etc... and have one client list shared between brands, the only difference being the theme that the client sees.

    Customer A comes to Website B and gets website Bs theme on WHMCS, but customer B comes to Website A and gets website As theme on WHMCS. I don't mind if this needs to be passed with query strings or whatever.

    Any thoughts?



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    Try this method.whmcs/index.php?systpl=portal.More info here

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    This is the full link to that:

    Not sure if that's the functionality you were looking for.
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    That looks like the sorta thing I need!

    Thanks for your help guys, much appreciated.



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    Are you sure they don't allow it?

    I have received a reply to the support ticket I sent on their website and they seemed perfectly happy to dish out the details of how todo it and fully seemed to encourage it.

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    They do allow it. Many hosting companies do the same thing for their different brands.
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