Ezeelogin - The must have multiple server adminisration software that would help you manage and administer more servers easily , efficiently and securely thus increasing the profits of your company.

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Why do i need Ezeelogin?

  • Improved security for your servers
  • Provide root access to servers without giving out root passwords.
  • Execute commands on server simultaneously.
  • Access control lets you grant/deny access to servers for each ssh user.
  • Reduce the time spend on administering servers.
  • Tremendous savings on your costly L3,L2,L1 sysadmin time.
  • Faster resolution of ticket and server issues.
  • Faster response to your customers.
  • Improve organizational efficiency.
  • Get the best out of your existing hardware and human resources.

Ezeelogin must try features

  • Worlds first Parallel shell integrated into ssh gateway so that commands can be executed on all or groups of server easily.

  • Worlds first Clustered ssh gateway for redundancy so that you have access to your server at all times.

  • Worlds first ssh gateway that lets you monitor both the input and output of all command executed via ssh by your sysadmins.. All actions are completely logged and you can see what your tech and sysadmin are doing on servers in real time as well.

  • Worlds first Automated switch user(su) login that would improve security without the hassles of remembering the passwords.

  • Worlds first ssh user access control system integrated into ssh gateway that would enable you to grant/deny ssh access to servers thus improving security.

  • Worlds first command line guard gives you control over what commands a tech/admin can execute on servers. Prevent accidental rm -rf / or any commands that you can think off with complete regexp support.

  • Passwordless control panel access(almost all control panels that you can think off) with just 1 click.

  • Passwordless datacenter portal access with just 1 click.

  • Easily locate and ssh into your servers with least time. Check out the cool searches based on hostname,ip,description etc.

  • Automated root password resets saves you the pain of having to reset your root password on the server regularly for improved security.

  • Automated login into virtual containers using vzctl enter veid.

  • Automated reset of ssh keys of users across servers.

  • Automated root password generation across servers.

  • and lots more ...do check it out. and let us know if you still need some crucial features and we will add them.

THE Ezeelogin FIVE STAR Reviews

"Our team manages hundreds of clustered systems in different datacenters. We required a product that could safely manage our infrastructure servers in a PCI-compliant fashion with console-based remote logging capabilities. The other two requirements involved a method to securely manage our SSH keys and allow us to issue remote commands across large groups of systems. Ezeelogin has saved us countless hours in management and streamlined our processes by combining so many features into one product. Our technicians no longer have to switch between two or three different interfaces to get critical information. Our on-calls and support staff get to put system management and our customers first while letting Ezeelogin do all of the heavy lifting. We highly recommend Admod's Ezeelogin product for any size environment. It is the most stable and affordable product available in this market that provides the robust scalability that seems to endlessly adapt to the ever-changing IT environment."
Kevin Hatfield (CEO), serverorigin.com *****

"We do like the software very much and believe it has a huge potential, no hosting company with multiple servers should go without it. It certainly does as advertised. I love it!!!"
Patrick Sanders, www.040hosting.eu

"I am so Glad I found ezeelogin. I own a small hosting firm with over 70 servers. Ezeelogin is amazingly handy and has reduced our response time in handling server issues and allowed our employees to be more productive. It would be hard to imagine life without ezeelogin!! "
Todd Reagor, CEO, URLJet.com *****

"With the growing amount of servers it was harder and harder to manage our servers. With Ezeelogin we found a perfect solution to cut down the time we need to manage our servers. Because of the amazing support we were able to setup and configure ezeelogin in a very short time."
Michael Brunner,CTO, NovaTrend Services GmbH*****
This really is great software. We secured all our servers with a centralized interface. It's something we were already working on but didn't have to since this is so much more cost effective. Support is very quick and responsive too,they are very knowledgeable with what they do."
Richard K, KodoHost.com *****

"Ezeelogin is a great software and is working out really well for us, saves so much time and the increased security is brilliant"
Toby Hewett, Technical Director, EtherClear Managed Hosting Limited,

"Within the first few weeks of using Ezeelogin we could see what a powerful system it is. Ezeelogin has saved us a vast amount of time when managing servers, it's great to be able to log into all of our servers through 1 portal, rather than having to manually find the relevant server details when a client has a problem. If you need a quick and secure way to manage multiple servers, I can highly recommend Ezeelogin."
Dan Thompson, Director, D9 Solutions Ltd

The ezeelogin brochure

The Ezeelogin Promise

We guarantee that ezeelogin would save you time and money each time you add a server or a staff and help you get the best out of your current human and hardware resources.

Go ahead and experience the change in the way multiple servers are administered. Get the best out of your existing technical support and system administrator by empowering them with this must have tool.

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