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    Arrow French <-> English Translation services


    I am currently available to translate any text you have from either French or English to French or English.

    I am a native French Canadian so I do not have issues with either languages.

    Prices will vary depending on how much work is involved.

    You can contact me by:

    Skype: Denchikle
    Email: [email protected]

    I am available full-time so my delivery time is fast.

    Thank you for considering my services.

    - Denis

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    I suppose you need to ask that on some Jobs related web sites or on the freelancer forums.
    I'm sure freelancer will be able to offer you the best price.

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    There's plenty of translation forums and work pools out there you can take advantage of. I suggest a couple of things though: look for as many big agencies as you can, most of them have an on-site form for you to upload your details and be considered for jobs. And ALWAYS check the companies out on forums and rip-off reports before you accept work, some are infamous for holding pay or straight up scamming resources. I could point you to a few trust worthy ones, but I don't want to link to commercial websites. Let me know if you are interested and I'll pm you.

    I also recommend you get a website of your own to try and get some non-agency work. Something as simple as a free blog page holding a neatly presented resume can even help. Try to get that page listed on forums and Translation Firms directories, like that one.

    Good luck!

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