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    * Is there room for just shared and reseller hosting

    Is the shared and reseller hosting business big enough to keep a company going. Do you have to offer dedicated and vps services to be taken serious to day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markgrannum18 View Post
    Is the shared and reseller hosting business big enough to keep a company going.
    Definately. Shared hosting (selling to end users) will be the most profitable. Reseller hosting business would be a good product to sell to webdevelopers/webdesign agencies, but will generally be a low margin product. Your Business deserves our Quality - Experts on Hand since 2005. Europe & US locations, we operate our own network AS35017
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    Focusing on one or two core products is a good way to indicate your company has real expertise in a chosen area.

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    I am now doing that

    Thanks for that instruction I am complying with that.

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    I agree there is room but each and every day it closes up. I know recently lots of hosts have opened up only vps services. I'd recommend you do that.

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    Yes definitely there is room for just shared and reseller hosting, but the fact is you would not like to lose a client when they have outgrown their shared or reseller account and need a VPS or a dedicated.

    May be you can jump into VPS and dedicated market once the need arise.
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    Ideal space for start-ups is shared and reseller hosting. Once you have a breathing space in terms of capital and a tiny load of clients, you can move in to others anytime.
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    I agree to start small and grow just one step at a time and build client base so capital can be generated to improve services.

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    There's plenty of room for just shared and reseller hosting.
    Like a previous post said it's the end user that brings the real profit in.

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    growing too fast and the quality of service

    sorry. wrong post

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    This answer is yes or no which comes back to:

    1) Company
    2) Support
    3) Pricing
    4) Marketing

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    Its exactly as you all stated. VPS or shared hosting depends generally on your level of exposure in the business, and also your customer base.

    You cant advise someone whose buyers are just some webmasters looking for somewhere to hang their website, to go ahead and purchase vps when the need as not arise.

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