Express Hosting UK

Full 42U Racks Available @ Telecity Harbour Exchange (HEX) 8/9

  • 42U Rackspace
  • 16 Amps Usable Power
  • Dual A+B 32 Amp Power Feeds
  • 10 Mbps BGP Bandwidth FREE
  • Dual 100 Mbps Network Feeds

1495.00pm + 995 setup (1999 for Dual 0U APC Switched PDUs)

About HEX8/9

Optional services include: CDP Backups, Managed Colocation, Datacentre Migration, offsite iSCSI Storage, Managed Firewalls, DDOS Protection, Layer 2 cross connects to over 30 datacentres in UK and much more.

Please feel free to contact us about these services or any other colocation requirements you may have.