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    Just out of curiosity, approximately how much would it cost to hire someone to code a website similar to ? I am pretty sure it's not based on a pre-existing CMS (e.g. Joomla)
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    Considering how large the site is, I would quote it at about $20,000. You can probably find someone from India to do it for ~$2,000 though. I'm not sure how good the code quality would be though.

    Edit: Actually, after taking a second look at it.. I'd probably quote it at $30,000. I didn't realize how in-depth some parts of the site get.
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    At least $50k, if not $100k or more.
    It would take a team of developers, and months of time to create. Hence the costs.

    I've received $20-30K quotes for smaller, less complex projects.
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    It is definitely out of my budget then ><
    I doubt any programmer/designer here is technically trained enough to make those kind of sites. If there is one, I would be very interested to have a chat to them.
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    Indian can design and develop just like this site in cheap but it is a huge site and need a experienced team to perform this task. So, I think its cost should be between $20,000-$30,000.

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