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    90% OFF your first Month Or Quarter Shared Hosting

    Servers: Powerful Hexacore Processors + 16GB RAM
    Network: Gigabit Connectivity

    Shared Accounts: Hosting in Belgium, Britain, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal & Spain.

    8 x UK IPs on Multiple Class C Networks. (Hosting in any or ALL of the above zones from a single account is possible)
    (Or for the duration of this offer, choose which 8 Euro zones you wish to host from!)

    PHP 5.3.6 with MySQL 5.5.11

    Network Utilisation: Diagram

    Extra Features: SOAP & fopen (Not offered by all hosts)

    To save a staggering 90% off your first Month or Quarter use the following promotional code in the checkout.


    Browse Hosting Packages

    All accounts come with Cron, SSH, DNS Contol, Installatron and Softaculus enabled.

    We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so it's Zero Risk!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ughosting View Post
    Shared Accounts: Hosting in Belgium, Britain, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal & Spain.

    Network Utilisation: Diagram

    With all due respect, you mean, hosted in France, at OVH.

    The fact that you IPS show as beign from another countries, doesn't make them physically hosted in those countries. This is actually Fake Geolocalization.

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    That's correct I use the OVH network. A box cannot be in more than one place at the same time. I don't think anyone has ever thought that was possible.

    In fact the IPs are in the correct countries, they are not faked.

    i.e. The German IPs are on routers in Germany, connected to France via a fast network, the Dutch IPs are on a Routers in Holland, connected to France via a fast network......

    What's cool here is that should your box crash (unlikely), the IPs are on the routers not the box, so I can migrate your IP to another box, restore your backup (taken regularly throughout the day) and you are away with virtually no downtime.

    So thank you for pointing that out, as I have been able to explain the benefits.

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    That assumption for the network is incorrect.

    They announce those IPS everywhere they have a network node/router. In fact those IPS are typically more specific subnets from a supernet.

    And, OVH don't have network in all those countries. (ex: Portugal, Ireland, Lithuania). Thus, this solution can't be really comparared to hosts in those regions, as they can serve content with lower latency, and really hosting it in those countries soil. This is more a "marketing" thingie rather than real Geolocated hosting.

    If you let me know by example one IP you use, i'll explain you further.

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    As explained on my website, these IPs are for SEO.

    Is it your opinion that they offer no SEO value whatsoever?

    If so, then I believe that you are wrong!

    We offer a way of having a presence in multiple countries, with the SEO benefits at an affordable price.

    Many small companies and resellers cannot afford a presence in separate countries, nor the admin overhead of looking after many hosting accounts.

    We are proud of our products, and stand by them!

    Bully us if you must!
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    I took your sentence: "Shared Accounts: Hosting in ..."

    although i am not English native, i interpret this as beign hosted in one of those countries. and... that is not correct.

    Moving to the SEO part, i am not specialist on that field, but, i have extensive knowledge about routing.

    Lets take your website... has address

    The IP address it is registered under your name on the RIPE Database:

    inetnum: -
    netname: UGCHOSTING
    descr: UnixGuru Consulting
    country: GB
    org: ORG-OL17-RIPE
    admin-c: OTC14-RIPE
    tech-c: OTC14-RIPE
    status: ASSIGNED PA
    mnt-by: OVH-MNT
    changed: [email protected] 20101114
    source: RIPE

    but, if you search further you'll find out that on the very same /24, you have a lot of foreign neighboors.

    example: whois -B -G -M -h

    but, getting back to the routing prespective...

    Your particular subnet ( is part of a supernet, which in this case is

    This is the only entry in the routing table, therefore, all thru the peering points, upstream providers that OVH has, they are annoucing as a whole and not the granular and specific ones at a country level.

    afaik, GeoIP is also changing, anf big guys like Google, that have a very extensive network and routers all over the place, typically in this case they get the traffic from/to your servers in France, which is where OVH mainly peers with them.

    If they look only to what is published at the Ripe Database, this kind of SEO should work, but, i think they do much more extensive stuff those days. Things such as bgp information, latency measurement, etc...

    If if works for you ? Great ! but this is not "Hosting in Belgium, Britain, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal & Spain."


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    Google mainly looks at network speed, and what you are saying is that the IPs on the OVH network are broadcast on all nodes.

    This means as far as google is concerned your site will be fast no matter where it is, because once inside the network, your latency is low and your bandwidth is fast.

    Google is becoming less interested in where your website is than how fast it is, which is why our servers are twice the permformance than the majority of Reseller accounts i.e. UK2NET and Heart, who have quad-core 8GB RAM machines.

    Also we have started to partner with Cotendo the CDN provider, so in future will offer packages that make your website super fast as your static content will be cached in the same region as your customer, no matter where in the world they are or you are hosted. Your dynamic content is accelerated, kept low latentcy, by having persistant connections to your origin server.
    No doubt you will argue, that a CDN site really isn't as good as having servers everywhere, but it's good enough for Facebook (who also partner with cotendo).

    As stated earlier. NO ONE THINKS THAT OUR SERVERS ARE EVERYWHERE, they can only be in one place.

    We are offering a quality service, we use simple techniques to gleen SEO performance, as a fast website with no visitors isn't worth having.
    We are keeping up with the latest techniques in rapid website delivery,so you can have both traffic and speed.

    I am quite aware of how the network works, and what I said earlier is true. If you are in Germany, the "German IPs" will enter the OVH network at the German Routers. If you are in Holland, The "Dutch IPs" at the Dutch Routers.
    That's what we care about. I care that German customers in Germany enter the network in Germany.
    I don't care that Belgian users accessing the "German IPs" enter the network in Belgium, and if they do, it's faster than having to enter the network in Germany.

    We like to offer something a little bit different!! Like Reseller accounts with shared Multiple Class C IPs, saving you money on having to have dedicated IPs for your SEO campaigns.

    This is a good solid product. It performs well anywhere in Europe to any of the published European Zones.

    Thank you for taking an interest.

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