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    Affrodable and Reliable Shared Hosting Accepting Moneybookers


    I'm looking for an affrodable and reliable shared web hosting that accept Moneybookers as payement method.

    actually i'm using, i have two differents accounts with them.

    I have two accounts, because i want differents class Ip adresses for my websites, i have buyed deticated ip for others domains but they are always start with 77.232 so i want to try different a provider.

    What I need :
    - No Matter the Disk Space, but at least 1Go.
    - Good bandwidth, i did not have so many visitors, my most good website have 40k vistors/day and hosted by servage with no problem ( I will not move it ).
    So for my new websites i don't need more than 100Go for all of them (about 20 domains recently registred by dynadot)

    And Like I said the FIRST and MOST important is ACCEPTING MONEYBOOKERS..

    If there is a good, affrodable, reliable and serious provider the Budget is not important.

    I found others providers offering 'unlimited' web space and bandwidth but i need some help to choose, here are my search results :

    - xtraorbit (Unlimited).
    - eukhost (differents plans).
    - thetigerhost (differents plans).

    ***** Any one has tried these providers ?
    ***** Does Anyone know others SERIOUS providers that accept Moneybookers ?

    I Thank you very much for your help.
    Waiting for answers.
    Best Regards.

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    I suppose that is right time for both of you guys to try "FIND A HOST" tool.
    Use your payment option as a main search option and do some search.

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    Thanks for your replies.

    @Web3Hosting, I'm with since about 4 years now, sometimes they have some issues with sql, but in all they have a good hosting.

    Thank you for your answer,
    I tried a 'FIND A HOST' before posting this thread and like i said i need an AFFRODABLE, RELIABLE and SERIOUS provider, no matter the budget.

    In the Host offers section, many and many providers (accoring to whois) are launched this year or the last year, i need a well known provider, i will not take a risk with a host service that will close his service next year.


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    i have been using for more than 1 year. Overall i am satisfied with their service and customer support. Further xtraorbit is affordable.

    I have only 2 issues

    1. page load time is average or slow.
    2. I doubt xtraorbit is a reseller.

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    Make sure you stay away from anything "unlimited".
    Other than that i can't recommend any specific host, sorry.

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    Some UK based companies may offer Moneybookers as a payment option, check the shared offers section.

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