Iím currently looking for a technical position or technical support position for a Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Managed Servers, Gaming Servers or Voice Server (Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, etcÖ). This position would require to be paid through PayPal.

My previous education would include an Associate of Applied Science (Technical/Vocational Degree) through an Accredited Institution with a major in Computer Network Technology. These courses would include Visual Basic, Adv. Visual Basic, Microcomputer Fundamentals (DOS/Unix CLI), Adv. Network Technology, Network Design and Documentation, Network Cabling, Cisco Networking / Routers / Switches / WAN, Windows Servers, Windows Directory Servers, Linux System Administration, Adv. Linux System Administration, Network+ / A+ / Server+ / Linux+ / Security+ focus courses, Network Security, Telecommunication Services, and PC Support I & II.

I currently hold a valid CompTIA A+ certification, and working through the CompTIA ďCreating FuturesĒ program toward the CompTIA Network+ (Within 30 days for completion), Linux+, Security+, CCNA, and others will come after. The reasoning behind only 1 certification at this time is that I had a greater focus on my education over a piece of paper; I feel employers will value a quality education over paperwork.

My current focus and education is with an accredited institution; Capella University, in which I am working towards a Bachelor of Science in Information Assurance and Security. This is a full-time, online program with acknowledgement and recognition by Government Agencies up to and including the National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense.

My current experience, outside of the technical hands-on education I have received would include a strong general interest in Information Technology. I have been through the ropes on a personal and professional level to include Web Based/Server-Side programming such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, JS, PHP, ASP (basics, shows some similarity to PHP nonetheless), and Java. Iíve done my share of Web/Graphic Design in the past utilizing Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Iíve also throughout my schooling worked closely with Desktop Programming such as; C#/C++, ASM (Assembly), Visual Basic, Python and Delphi.

My experience in a Server maintenance, technical support, and installation would show most through my education as I have yet to have the opportunity to work in a server environment on a professional basis. This experience I do have would be on an educational level as well as in-home / freelance positions where File, Media, or other Servers have been integrated into the network(s) to serve their purpose. The OS of these servers were of both Windows and Linux flavors.

Throughout my Freelance tasks I have worked closely with CPanel/WHM, PLESK, and WHMCS on both client and server sides. CPanel client/admin is my cup of tea preferably, as in the past I had worked as a reseller for a (probably now long gone) hosting company and provided tech support per request; this support was for the companies web host clients and resellers utilizing CPanel/WHM including walk-through and escalating tickets/support per company guidelines.

Above all, I have a strong work ethic and design when it comes to IT. Even if the task at hand is new to me, Iíve been known to pick it up and run with it. I have no problem with reading and researching new objectives or tasks that are relatively new to me or require further instruction.

My education, experience, and background information is available upon request for as needed.


Feel free to contact me at any time at [email protected] (I will respond/reply ASAP as emails go straight through to my mobile).

Hours/Availability: Part-Time / Full-Time Requested, Available any required time(s). I'm in California, so the time zone would be Pacific Standard Time.

Pay Requested: Iím open for negotiation, as long as the rate is reasonable. Currency would need to be USD, and preferably through PayPal. Requesting offers that include pay based on per hour basis, but will also consider a per ticket rate.