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    Hosting24 Question

    Is there someone with an updated review about Hosting24[dot]com Unlimited Reseller Plan? Cause I've been reading and what I've seen around are form 2009 or something like that and I haven't read any review by someone recently and I'd love to hear/read some cause the ones I read were not too good or too bad either and maybe since 2009 they might have improved their servers, etc. cause we're almost in 2012. So yeah, anyone?

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    I think I found some recent reviews. Good and Bad Ones so I'm doubting now. S

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    Well I will advise you to avoid going with "unlimited" reseller hosting plans as they are not realistic and unsustainable.
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    any unlimited reseller plans comes with lots of problem. so it will be better to avoid those and try other plans

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    Where is the first class customer response??????? Pros and Cons are everywhere.

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