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    Automod Scripts Installing??

    So like I wanted to install a newer version of Automod to my php forums and wasn't able too. I went into the

    I then began to Upload all of the files and folders from the “upload” directory to my site.

    Then I moved on to step 2, which would have been:

    Once the files are in place, browse to the install directory ( to run through the simple and painless installation.
    But the site doesn't read the phpbb/install, and if I leave the install inside the forums dir. The site doesn't want to run the boards index.

    The problem is I can't understand how to run the install.

    The Mod files would have been the zip I have and used WINSCP and PuTTy to access my root bins, to get to the forums dir.

    After I uploaded the mod files into the newly created /phpbb/store/mods folder on the server, the mod will be displayed in the AutoMOD tab in the Administration Control Panel. Next to the name of the available mod is an “Install” link.
    But I can't even get to that part because I can't get the installment to work correctly. Can anyone please give me some advice on how this is suppose to be done?
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    Check your web-server logs for errors.

    Enable error output:

    Create .htaccess in root site directory with:
    php_value display_errors 1
    php_value error_reporting 2047

    Hope this will help.
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