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    need help with dedicated server & provider selection

    Dual Processor Quad Core Xeon E5620 (Managed server)
    12 GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM
    1 Gbps Public
    >6TB Public Bandwidth
    RAID 1
    CentOS 5.x
    cPanel 11 (Unlimited Domains)
    MYSQL 5.x

    Budget $500/month


    Dedicated Now
    Liquid Web

    Please help me out in selecting the providers and also HARD DRIVE AND RAID CONFIGURATION.

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    The one suggestion I would make is using two servers instead of just the one. This would alleviate some of the file sharing issues you may have when there are quite a few users at one time. Secondly, did you need these managed?
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    Budget is pretty reasonable.
    How much traffic do you expect getting / needing?
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  4. Welcome to WHT!

    For your hard drive configuration, you'll definitely want to put your database on a RAID 1 configuration with 2 x 147GB SAS, if not RAID 10 with 4 x 147GB SAS. As Rob Hivelocity said, you might also be best splitting the role of the file sharing/database between 2 separate servers.

    Do you have any location requirements?

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    The server is managed server..
    Server can be in USA
    I am confused with the hard drive choice as I need a bid space for file sharing and a good hard drive for a database.
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    It would be great if you could share some info as to what you'll be putting on the server, that way we can tell you a bit more.

    Depending on that you could be overkilling it with that server or coming up short.

    Since you mentioned cpanel with unlimited domains it makes me think that you are trying to setup a shared server but that's just a guess.

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    actually we are building a management system for an institute that will include about 23 sub systems along with lots of videos, file sharing and will be needing a good database that can keep up that as all things will be connected with php and mysql, and for the cpanel we will be needing it for the sub systems..
    I think server specs are good enough, the only problem that i am facing is the type of HARD DRIVES as i am little confused in choosing them, if i take only SAS drives they are going to increase the cost of server to over $600 and i wont have enough space for Files. on the other hand if i go with SATA i will have the space but not a premium HARD DRIVE to support the systems.. This is my opinion and i may be wrong on this and thats why i think i am stuck in this, please help me out...

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    get a ssd or sas for mysql and normal 7200 rpm drives for files.

    best setup would be

    1-2 ssd in raid 1 or single drive for mysql

    4 7200 rpm raid 10 for files

    your cost will go over $500 for a quality provider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesmitchee View Post

    Dedicated Now
    Liquid Web
    Softlayer is all self managed
    Rackspace is probably not going to do what you want for that budget
    You might want to consider splitting your needs up as mentioned earlier. Put mysql on one server, files on another to keep things kind of ballanced?
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    Do you need a dedi in US location only?

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    Depending on his site and how popular it is, a single machine should be fine and later on, file and/or mysql servers can be added to accommodate growth.

    The budget is fine as well. Try checking the offers forum to see if you can find anything within your budget there. Once you do, contact the potential host and do a search for them on the web.

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    For file sharing, an enterprise sata would be more than sufficient. Go for SAS/SSD only for DB. We have many file hosting clients use sata drive for file hosting and mysql without any big issues.

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    if i opt for 1TB SATA AND 147GB SAS and without any RAID
    does that going to run smooth without any hassle?

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    How about a SSD drive for database, (depending on database size). I also agree to previous poster. eg. better with two servers instead of just one!

    Something like this, availible for 159 EUR/month from a well known ISP..

    Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX200 with Intel D2786 Chipset
    2x Xeon E5520, 2x Quadcore – Nehalem
    12 GB DDR3-RAM ECC
    2x 1,000 GB SATA II HDDs, 5,400rpm; RAID 1
    2x 60 GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD
    10,000 GB data transfer included
    Server location in Europe or USA
    Optional Managed Hosting
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    got a server from GIGENET, with the following configuration:

    Dual Processor Quad Core Xeon E5620 - 2.4 GHz Westmere - 12MB Cache
    12 GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM
    Standard IPMI and KVM-IP Card
    Premium BGP4 Network (FCP Optimized Routing)
    1 Gbps Public Uplink Port Speed
    15TB Public Bandwidth
    1 IP Address + 8 IP
    1.0TB SATAII - 7,200RPM without RAID
    2.0TB SATAII - 7,200RPM
    147GB SAS 15,000 RPM
    Host Ping (ICMP) and TCP Service Monitoring
    NOC Response from Monitoring
    Operating System - CentOS 5
    64-Bit Operating System
    cPanel 11
    APF Firewall for Linux
    Apache Latest (2.2)
    MySQL for Linux


    for Server management and security check i have taken third party service from

    hoping to have a good year ,,,,

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