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    Need Stable Unmetered 1Gbit dedicated server for Asia area!

    1. Need real 1Gbit uplink connect to backbone not shared!
    2. Good for Asia Area!
    Please suggest!!
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    What speeds do you need to Asia?
    Maybe it's best looking for a provider in Asia then, but I guess it will be pretty expensive getting a low price there.

    What budget you have available for this? - Online in no time
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  3. Welcome to WHT!

    Which asian market are you targeting? China? If so, the best place to start will be Hong Kong, just make sure you get good connections to China Telecom.

    As ServerBoost said, you'll have trouble finding a gigabit unmetered, unshared pipe in Asia without spending a good amount.

    Good luck, let us know who you choose.

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    I consider the Softlayer and He.Net, both good for asia area..
    Any reseller can provide good price !?

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    In TW, you can try kbtelecom. hinet is pricey, kbtelecom is somewhat cheaper.

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    You're trying to get 1Gbit dedicated port in Asia? How much are you actually willing to spend to get that? In Asia, bandwidth is extremely expensive and especially if you're looking for a Dedicated Port.

    For a 1Gbit Dedicated Port, I think you should be looking at around $5000 or more. Are you really willing to spend so much?
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